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A reflection on organized crime at the Hellenic Theater

Sometimes it is better to steel yourself and see a play that departs from conventional productions that tell stories of love and fantasy, instead presenting a social reality. This is the case of Tartarus, the most recent work of the Colectivo Teatro Sin Paredes, directed by David Psalmon.

I already warned you, the story written by Sergio López Vigueras is not beautiful, because it presents a reality that thousands of Mexicans must face and which sadly they are involved: organized crime. This is how we see a young man being forced to become a murderer. The story is told in a monologue format, which makes the Hellenic Theater an intimate and reflective place where you will meet this character who questions whether he is a monster or a martyr.

Tartarus is a full-body requiem that is presented as a reflection of what happens in the ranches, towns and streets of our country, where crime seems to have more force than authority itself.


Venue Name: Hellenic Theater

Website of the place:

Telephone of the place: 4155 0919

Address: Hellenic Cultural Center, Revolution 1500, Guadalupe Inn, México, DF. 01020

Transportation: Barranca del Muerto Metro

Price: $ 150

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