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Cumbres del Ajusco National Park

The Cumbres del Ajusco National Park is one of the national parks that are located in the vicinity of Mexico City, and also one of the best known among its inhabitants, perhaps because of the elevation known as the Ajusco (which gives the park its name) that is visible from anywhere in the city and that exceeds 3,900 meters in height. This is how the landscape looks like: within its limits are wooded areas made up of pine and oak species and some areas covered by high mountain pastures that form natural landscapes of great beauty that are very visited between weekends and mainly during the season. of winter, when sometimes there are light snowfalls in the high areas. Its forests and part of the extension of this park are threatened by the urban area that has spread without control over the lower parts near the park area, a phenomenon that has occurred since the mid-twentieth century. creation of the National Park Cumbres del Ajusco was on September 23, 1936, and published in the Official Gazette of the Federation. A decree published on May 19, 1937 modified its original extension by reducing it.Physical aspectsLocationThis park includes within the limits of the Federal District, to the south from Mexico City, encompassing within its territorial extension the southern part of the Tlalpan delegation that corresponds to the high mountain area and the mountain chain that closes the southern part of the Valley of Mexico.

The Park covers 920 hectares of vegetation where Pinus hartwegii, oyamel and subalpine zacatonal forests predominate with different species. The last specimens of the volcano bunny, known as teporingo, inhabit this site, as well as the opossum, the shrew, the coyote, the weasel, the skunk and the wild cat, among others. At your disposal +52 (55) 5449 7000 How to get Cerro Pico del Águila km 21, Col. Héroes de 1910. 14760

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