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Desert of the Lions National Park

The Desierto de los Leones National Park is a forest south of the city. Although the name evokes a desert and the kings of the jungle, what the visitor will find here is an ex-convent from the 17th century, which belonged to the Discalced Carmelites. In addition to the prominent vegetation, there is a small river and a series of service providers for recreational activities thanks to which children will have the best adventures. Every weekend its more than 1,500 hectares are filled with cultural and artistic events, sports competitions, spaces to exercise, popular Mexican food and other celebrations. The Desierto de Los Leones is also one of the defeños' favorite places for jogging and mountain races. The climate is semi-cold, cloudy and with rains in the summer. The forest has trees such as oyamel, ash, oak, as well as the characteristic fauna of the area. The former Carmelite convent is located within the National Park, an idyllic place with tunnels, gardens and space for exhibitions; as well as a trout and deer farm in a place called "Los peteretes". A forest called a desert? Before it was a Protected Natural Area, it was known by the name of "The Desert of Our Lady of Carmen in the mountains of Santa Fe". It was called "desert" not because of its geographical conditions - it is actually a coniferous forest - but because of a population issue. The Discalced Carmelites located their convents outside the cities, in deserted areas. Regarding how he adopted "of the lions", there are two versions: one refers to the fact that the wild cat lived in the forest, similar to the lion, and another refers to the León brothers, owners of the lands and representatives of the Carmelites before the Spanish Crown.

Schedule Mon Closed Tuesday-Sunday 06: 00-17: 00 At your disposal +52 (55) 5814 1171 How to get Carretera México-Toluca s / n, Col. La Venta. 05020, Cuajimalpa / Desert of the Lions

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