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Today I can not get up

The last season of HNMPL returns with María León and Yahir

"The force of destiny brings us together again ... All emotions happen in this work, happy to return as another song says, one more year", this is how producer Alejandro Gou announced the return of the last season of the musical Hoy I can't get up, titled Goodbye. He returns "with a very special energy", with all the security measures and a capacity of 30 percent in the theater.

It was 2006 when the first montage of the Spanish musical shone in our country, bringing to mind the songs of the beloved eighties group Mecano and resounding a message of freedom and love. Today, still in a pandemic, he returns to say goodbye and remind us that even in difficult times, dreams can be fulfilled.

Post-Francoism, youth, drug addiction and HIV are the themes that govern this musical starring Yahir and María León, who had already participated in Today I can't get up seven years ago and now, after having staged Chicago, she returns with more tables. “(You will see) A more mature Maria… give the character these tools of maturity that life has given me. During the Madrid scene; yes drugs, yes sexual liberation, but there was also a feminine movement that maybe we did not feel like now and without a doubt it will resonate in this season ”, affirmed the singer.

The cast is complemented by the infallible performance of Rogelio Suárez, the splendid presence of Jesús Zavala and the debut of Jorge Dalessio.

Expect a totally revamped ensemble, scenery, and audio design, giving Hoy can't get up. Until always shine and a touch more fun.

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