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Fantastic Classics "La Gusana Ciega and Jumbo"

About La Gusana Ciega Two of the most important bands in the national rock scene will unite their talents to create the Clásicos Fantásticos concept. Few bands have managed to create songs that transcend over time. With more than 10 albums and an extensive list of hits sounded for consecutive weeks, they have reached different generations with songs that are currently considered classics of the rock songbook in Spanish. In 2000, Jumbo and La Gusana Ciega both made an epic tour of Mexico and the United States, consolidating themselves as creators of songs that over the years became true classics. Four decades later, these two great groups merge efforts, sounds, rhythms and songs in a fantastic show to celebrate their new successes and revisit the classics that have made many the soundtrack of their lives. Jumbo and LGC, LGC and Jumbo, in the end the order of the factors does not alter the product, but on the contrary, it creates atmospheres and environments for the thousands of attendees to enjoy this great dose of rock. Successes such as Tornasol, Photography, She star, Every time I go, San Miguel, I feel that ... among other new songs that are preparing especially for this tour, which will be enjoyed for the first time live in a unique and special way in a staging of the two groups playing at the same time on the same stage. Saturday 09/18/21 Hours: 8:00 p.m. National Auditorium

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