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5 best coffee shops in Polanco CDMX

Mexico City is undoubtedly the destination of the country that has the most establishments on its streets. Here there is everything and for everyone. But today we wanted to pay attention to the coffee shops, especially those found in the Polanco neighborhood. Café Budapest It is an authentic corner from Hungary, offering coffees, teas, desserts and a few breakfasts. The truth is that it is a bit hidden, you have to enter through the Common People restaurant. But once you arrive, tasting a cup of coffee becomes a wonderful experience, due to the view and the picturesque decoration of the place. Address: Emilio Castelar 149, col. Polanco. Telephone: 5280 5950.

Olga Café This cafe is proud to have a specialty bar, where you can taste all kinds of beans and extraction methods from different latitudes of the country and the world. Accompany your cup with one of their delicious sweet breads and enjoy a fabulous afternoon in this cafeteria. Address: Moliere 32, col. Polanco. Telephone: 6819 2277.

Joselo Café An intimate, modern and popular space with outdoor tables and a bar offering different types of artisan coffee. Here they have one of the best espressos in Polanco, and that is because they have a selection of high quality beans. It is also convenient to order some of their cappuccinos and enjoy it on their cozy terrace. Address: Emilio Castelar 107, col. Polanco. Telephone: 5281 0849.

Otro Café

Although small, this place has managed to make locals and passersby in the area fall in love with its warm home atmosphere and its profuse supply of coffee drinks. In the same way, they have various dishes to start the morning on the right foot. Go ahead and visit them and order your favorite drink.

Address: Shakespeare 78, col. Anzures.

Telephone: 2624 3464.

Café del Parque Without a doubt one of the most pleasant places to see the evening fall in Polanco. It is a casual cafeteria, which accommodates meetings between friends. They have a very rich food menu, but it is also pertinent to visit them for their good coffee. They have several kinds of organic beans, which gives each cup a different and special flavor. Address: Emilio Castelar 185, col. Polanco. Telephone: 5281 8623.

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