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Department LP 2108:
Important Information to Enjoy Your Stay

Here you will find all the important information to enjoy your stay:


  • Information for your access to the department.

  • Electronic lock operation.

  • Access and exit from the parking lot.

  • Wi-Fi code.

  • How to dispose of garbage.

  • TV operation.

  • Safe operation.

  • Washer dryer operation

  • Drinking water filter operation

  • Stove and Oven Operation

  • Access to amenities.

  • Supermarkets and points of interest.

  • Tour information in and near Mexico City.

  • Emergency numbers.

  • Check-in & Check-out.

Department Location:

For the location of the department click here: Map and directions

Petal access to the building and apartment:


For a video of pedestrian access to the tower, click here: Pedestrian access​​​


- If you have any questions or problems, do not hesitate to contact us at +52 55 7459 4153.

Access to the building through the parking lot:

- If you need to use the parking lot, share your vehicle information

Brand, Model, Color, Plate.

- Our key housekeeper will wait for you in the vehicle bay to give you the parking access card

- Go down to basement 5 with caution and slowly, always turning to the right until you reach basement 5. The drawer is next to the elevator bank, it has the handicapped symbol and the number 2108 painted on it, that is the drawer.

- Box 2108 is private and you can only park in this place. The drawer is located behind the elevator bench on the right side and the number 2108 is painted on the floor. 

- When you leave the apartment, take your car out of the parking lot using the parking card, park your car in the vehicle bay, go up to the apartment and leave the parking access card on the kitchen counter.

- Card replacement if lost costs $1500.00

Video of parking access. Click here: Parking access

Video of Exiting the parking lot. Click here: Parking exit


Electronic lock operation:




Provideof the trash:


- The garbage room is located on the same floor. Leave the apartment, turn right, another right and walk along it  hallway, the trash room is the first door on the left. Go in and leave the garbage bag in the corner. For no reason do you leave garbage outside the apartment in common areas since the fine is $3,000.00.

 - Video of the location of the garbage room. Click here: Garbage room

TV operation:

- Upload operation videoTV 909 number: Click here: Video TV

Safe Operation:

- Safe operation video:Click here: Video of the safe

Operation of the Lavasdrier:

- Operation videon of the washing machine, click here: Washer dryer video

Drinking water filter operation:

-Video of use of the baby water filter, click here: Video Filter

Stove and Oven Operation:

- Stove and oven operation video, click here: Video Stove and oven.

Access to the Amenidades:

The gym: It is located on the SK floor (reservation is necessary to access, we have hours from 6 to 7 am and from 7pm onwards). Saltgo From the elevators and turn left, press the blue button on the left wall to open the glass security door. Go straight and go through the glass doors; If they are closed, ask security to open them. Continue to the end of the hallway and the gym will be at the far left door.

The Lounge: it is located on the SK floor. (it is necessary to reserve for access, we have hours from 6 to 7 am and from 7pm onwards).

To see the video click here: Access to Amenities


The Roof Garden: It is located on the RG floor. (it is necessary to reserve for access, we have hours from 6 to 7 am and from 7pm onwards).

To see the video click here: Access to the Roof Garden

SIM card for cell phone:

- If you need a SIM card for your cell phone so as not to pay high costs for Roaming, we recommend that you go to Telcel. Here we show you a couple of locations where you can find it. Click here How to get to Telcel.

InformationNo. of the Area and Recommendations:

Interactive map:

Click Here: Interactive map

-Access to Recommendations:

Click here: Recommended activities

Help Number:

You can contact us at +52 55 7459 4153, this is also a WhatsApp number.

If you have an emergency call 911

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Check-in & Check-out:


Check-in is at 3pm (3pm) and Check-out is at 11am (11am)

See you soon!


The iHaus Properties Team

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