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Terms and Conditions

Rules and Regulations for Short-Term Rental Properties:

By renting this property, you agree to abide by these rules and acknowledge that you are aware of them, bearing legal and financial responsibility for non-compliance or violation.

Building Access:

to. For security protocols, kindly provide passport copies of all guests staying after booking. This ensures proper access to building facilities by security. Guest safety is paramount.

Occupancy Limits: a. Maximum guests allowed are specified in the apartment description. No additional overnight guests without prior approval.

b. Visitors must vacate the property by [11 pm].

Noise and Disturbances:

to. Guests must avoid excessive noise, loud music, or disruptive behavior.

b. Parties or large gatherings are strictly prohibited.

c. Quiet hours are between 8:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m.

Smoking and Illegal Drugs:

to. No smoking indoors. Smoking is allowed only in designated outdoor areas, if available.

b. Proper disposal of cigarette butts is mandatory.

c. Smoking and/or using illegal drugs indoors results in immediate lease termination and termination.

Pets and Animals:

No pets are allowed unless pre-approved in writing.

Property Care, Damages, and Security Deposit:

to. Guests are responsible for property upkeep, reporting any damage immediately.

b. Repair costs for damage are the guest's responsibility.

c. A security deposit will be collected before rental; deductions for damages, excessive cleaning, or rule violations may apply.

Illegal Activities:

to. All forms of illegal activity are prohibited.

b. Guests must not engage in law or local regulation violations.

Parking and Traffic:

to. Visitors park in designated areas, avoiding vehicle entrance blockage or traffic disruption.

b. Guests must respect parking rules, ensuring neighbors' comfort.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

to. Maintain property cleanliness during stay and leave reasonably clean upon departure.

b. Negligence-caused excessive cleaning incurs additional fees.

Trash Disposal:

to. Dispose of trash in designated bins (trash room) and chute located in the emergency stairwell.

b. Leaving trash outside apartment doors or common areas results in fines.

Key and Property Access:

to. Protect electronic FOBs or card keys, not to be shared with unauthorized persons.

b. Secure property when leaving, locking doors and windows.


to. Park in designated areas, and follow property/local parking rules.

b. No parking in neighboring properties or blocking entrances.

c. Violation will result in fines.

Local Law Compliance:

to. Guests obey all laws, and regulations, including noise, zoning, and illegal activity restrictions.

b. Violation may terminate the lease, eviction, purposes, and legal consequences.

Respect for Property and Neighbors:

to. Treat property and surroundings respectfully.

b. Prohibited: damage, disturbance, harassment, threats, or illegal activities, resulting in lease termination, ends, and eviction.

Termination and Purposes:

to. Non-compliance may terminate the lease and guest eviction.

b. Fines may cover damages and extra cleaning.

c. Guests bear legal consequences, costs, and legal fees to protect the host and property, including Asset Forfeiture laws.

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