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Zéfiro School Restaurant

Zéfiro's Menu offers contemporary Mexican cuisine, that is, classic dishes of traditional cuisine with a current vision. This culinary adaptation gives Zéfiro students and diners an opportunity to immerse themselves in the flavors of our culture but with a more inclusive perspective, which takes up concepts and techniques from other cuisines of the world.

Zéfiro's Menu is divided into Starters, Soups, Main Dish and Desserts. Additionally, a Suggestions Menu option (itinerant) of three and four times is included. The latter with two drinks included: soft drink or water of the day and American coffee. In addition, Zéfiro has a drinks menu that includes snacks, beers, cocktails, labels, non-alcoholic drinks, hot drinks and digestives. Considered one of the best Mexican cuisine restaurants in Mexico City, Zéfiro is always in search of attractive options that complement its culinary offer, such is the case of the theme and holiday menus.

Name Zéfiro is a word taken from the verses of the poet Sor Juana from New Spain, it designates the first wind of spring. Zéfiro then is a fresh air that renews the season, it can therefore mean that the restaurant is a wave of renewal in terms of cuisine and service. We believe that this food and beverage proposal brings together new talents and ideas that will contribute to changing the gastronomic point of view. For more information, consult the Department. promotional. The enclosure Zéfiro is inside the cell of the Marchioness of Selva Nevada: Sister María Antonia de los Dolores. Noble woman who, when she was widowed, opted for her habits, joining the Conceptionist order of the Regina Coeli convent. Given her ancestry status, she had a magnificent cell built for herself with the famous Spanish architect Manuel Tolsá, who is also responsible for designing the Palacio de Minería and the Dome of the Metropolitan Cathedral. In the neoclassical style typical of the 18th century, open to a plot and with a U-shaped floor plan, the cell has been fitted out as only necessary to be able to house the Zéfiro school restaurant. For more information, consult the Department. promotional. Zéfiro's table We owe to the French the division of food in times. In Zéfiro this tradition of serving each one with a specific service (marked) is respected. Zéfiro's table begins with a French-style presentation marking, distinctive for having the napkin on the presentation plate, the glasses on the upper right side and the bread plate on the upper left side. As the service progresses, the waiter must modify the arrangement of the cutlery according to Entrance, Soup, Main Dish or Dessert. The terrace According to the Law for the Protection of Health of Non-Smokers in the Federal District, published in the Official Gazette of the Federal District on January 29, 2004, closed public spaces must be free of tobacco smoke. To avoid denying entry to smokers, Zéfiro has put at your service a Terrace with all the comfort that is offered in the Hall.

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