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Michael Bublé

Michael Bublé is unstoppable on his return and will give one more concert of his An Evening with Michael Bublé tour. The new date with which he intends to make the Mexican public fall in love will be next October 8, 2021 at the CDMX Arena. The warm and unbeatable reception generated by the announcement of your date in the country's capital, leaves no choice but to open another opportunity for the public to enjoy their mastery on stage and show their affection in a world-class show. As we are used to, his presentations are an example of professionalism and excellence, a magical atmosphere to enjoy the music and the impressive voice of the Canadian baritone. With these two nights, the five-year drought was broken without stepping on Mexican soil. A unique opportunity for all lovers of jazz, pop music and its variants. The experienced performer has conquered the honeys of success, expanding the boundaries of what it means to be a global music icon. Arena CDMX Mexico City, Mexico City FRID NOV 12 and SAT NOV 13

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