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Dalí 2.1, the Salvador Dalí exhibition

The surrealist artist arrives in Mexico as never before seen in the country.

With the conviction of painting dreams from reality, Salvador Dalí dedicated his life to reflecting his vision of space through works ahead of his time and out of this world. Verify the result of his artistic process in the largest traveling exhibition on the Spanish artist that has been seen in the world. Through its characteristic look, you will discover common actions, people and objects captured to be unconventional. Dalí 2.1 uses 200 original works by the painter, set designer and writer with the intention of showing visitors a comprehensive look at Salvador Dalí as a character and as a person outside the public gaze. Undoubtedly, the selection of pieces together with the support materials will make you know the artist completely and from different facets. The pieces that make up Dalí 2.1 come from the personal collection of Enrique Sabater, who was the artist's secretary and administrator for seven years. You will travel to the mind of Dalí with objects from the future, horses, flowers, angels and bodies; integrated into various collections. Lithographs predominate, but you will also find copper engravings and sculptures. Although the collections are emblematic of the exhibition, the digital elements - such as audio guides, augmented reality and videos - end up complementing the experience. Of course, to achieve this it is essential that you go with time and desire to enter new information. To access these resources, take a good look at the QRs and the eyes of surrealism that are on the walls. "One of the rooms is made up of intimate, sincere and honest snapshots captured by Enrique Sabater", emphasizes curator Ignacio Shanahan. They are black and white shots where Dalí is seen in different situations surrounded by family and friends. If you want to discover Dalí from different works and with small interventions of technology, do not miss this exhibition. Remember to carry your cell phone charged, and preferably with the Dalí Next application already downloaded. These pieces still have a way to go, they will soon visit Guadalajara, Monterrey and Mérida; For this reason, you only have until June 30 to visit it. Dalí's exhibition will be in the Daliana Gallery located in the basement of the Santa Fe Shopping Center, near the ice rink. Dalí 2.1. Daliana Gallery: Vasco de Quiroga 3800, Lomas de Santa Fe. Superboletos. Monday-Thursday 12 pm-8pm; Friday-Sunday 11 am-9pm. $ 150- $ 325. Until June 30th.

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