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Department BGT1 1406:
Important Information to Enjoy Your Stay

Here I foundYou will find all the important information to enjoy your stay:


  • Information for your access to the department.

  • Electronic lock operation.

  • Access and exit from the parking lot.

  • Wi-Fi code.

  • How to dispose of garbage.

  • TV operation.

  • Safe operation.

  • Washer dryer operation

  • Drinking water filter operation

  • Stove and Oven Operation

  • Access to amenities.

  • Supermarkets and points of interest.

  • Tour information in and near Mexico City.

  • Emergency numbers.

  • Check-in & Check-out.

Department Location:

For the location of the department click here: Map and directions


Pedestrian access to the department:


For a video of pedestrian access to the tower, click here: Pedestrian access​​​


- If you have any questions or problems, do not hesitate to contact us at +52 55 7459 4153.

Accthat to the building through the parking lot:

- If you need to use the parking lot, share your vehicle information

Brand, Model, Color, Plate.

- Go down to basement 4 with caution and slowly, always turning to the left until you reach basement 4.

- Box 102 is private and you can only park in this place. The number 102 is painted on the floor. It is right next to the elevator bank.

- When you leave the apartment, take your car out of the parking lot, you don't need the parking card, leave the parking access card on the kitchen counter.

- Card replacement if lost costs $1500.00


Video of parking access. Click here: Parking access

Video of Exiting the parking lot. Click here: Parking exit

Electronic lock operation:

  • Electronic lock operation video 1: Lock opening

  • The lock closes automatically after 15 seconds or press the closed padlock button.




Provideof the trash:


- For no reason do you leave garbage outside the apartment in common areas since the fine is $7,000.00.

 - Video of the location of the garbage chute. Click here: Garbage Pipeline

 - Video of trash room located in Basement one. Click here: Garbage room

TV operation:

- Upload operation video TV: Click here: VideoTV

Safe Operation:

- Safe operation video:Click here: Video of the safe

Operation of the Lavasdrier:

- Operation videon of the washing machine, click here: Washer dryer video

Drinking water filter operation:

-Video of use of the baby water filter, click here: Video Filter

Stove and Oven Operation:

- Stove and oven operation video, click here: Video Stove and oven

Access to the Amenidades:

The gym: it is located on the P Sal floorgo from the elevators and turn left,use the white electronic access card in the electronic access system, The hours are 6 am and 10 pm.

Pool and Jacuzzi: To access the pool or jacuzzi you must make a reservation at the number (you need to reserve to access, the hours are 6 am and 10 pm.

The Lounge: it is located on the P. floor. 

To see the video of access to the amenities, click here: Access to Amenities

SIM card for cell phone:

- If you need a SIM card for your cell phone so as not to pay very high costs for Roaming, we recommend that you go to Telcel. Here we show you a couple of locations where you can find it. Click here How to get to Telcel

InformationNo. of the Area and Recommendations:

Interactive map:

Click Here: Interactive map

-Access to Recommendations:

Click here: Recommended activities

Help Number:

You can contact us at +52 55 7459 4153, this is also a WhatsApp number.

If you have an emergency call 911

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Check-in & Check-out:


Check-in is at 3pm (3pm) and Check-out is at 11am (11am)

See you soon!


The iHaus Properties Team

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